Cap’n Klute’s Ocean Almanac


It’s Cap’n Klute’s Ocean Almanac (warning: The Klute is not a real Captain – he’s not even a Cap’n).  Learn some ocean conservation tips and tricks, learn how to navigate the waters of pop culture, and read some great poetry for sharks, by sharks, all with original art by Arizona artists Gary Bowers and Jan Marc Quisimbing.

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Some almanacs will tell you when you should plant sorghum and what happens when you bury a potato under the light of the full moon.  Not this one.  Oh sure, Cap’n Klute’s Ocean Almanac will tell you how to source your tuna fish, how you can be certain there are no great white sharks at your local swimming hole, and of course, have some great poetry for sharks, by sharks (including a tiger shark who discovers he has become an aumakua, to blacktip sharks talking about how they get down – and we don’t mean dancing).  You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, you might even get angry at the state of the oceans.   You’ll even get some great shark friendly recipes, and you’ll get my exclusive Shark Week drinking game. Plus it’s illustrated with original art by Arizona artists!  And 100% OF THE PROFITS ARE DONATED TO SHARK CONSERVATION EFFORTS.


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