Reusable Shopping Bag!


Who doesn’t love whale sharks?  A reusable, 100% organic cotton bag for grocery shopping, thrifting, the beach, wherever you need a bag, this happy whale shark will be there to thank you for thinking of her and keeping plastic out of the ocean!

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As everyone knows, plastic pollution is a real problem in the marine environment.   It can especially affect whale sharks, as they are filter feeders (learn more about how these fascinating fish feed via the Ocean Conservancy by clicking HERE).  A very common piece of plastic marine debris is the ubiquitous plastic bag.

And filter feeding in the marine environment where plastic pollution is rampant can have disastrous consequences, as shown in this heartbreaking video of a whale shark that succumbed to plastic pollution (viewer beware, it is very sad). 

So help a whale shark out!  Buy one (or more!) of these nice 100% organic cotton bags, with a happy whale shark reminding everyone that less plastic = more whale sharks! 

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