Thank You Palm Springs ComicXpo!!!

I met a lot of cool people this weekend in Palm Springs at the ComicXpo!  I hope you had as much fun learning about sharks as I did talking to you about them!  If you bought some shark merch, I hope you’ll add this website or FOLLOW ME HERE ON FACEBOOK.

The Epic T-Rex vs Hammerhead Shark Battle Was Epic.

I also want to thank Ray Stevenson of HBO’s “Rome”, Marvel’s “Thor” and “Punisher” movies, for stopping by and I can tell you he’s as nice in person as he was when he was assassinating Cicero in “Rome” (seriously – such a great show and scene).  I’m pretty sure my girlfriend would have left me on the spot if he’d asked her.  I hope you enjoy the chapbook, Ray!

I seriously need my hair to look like this.

Cosplayers were on point.  My favorite was the Nightwing and Starfire cosplay.  Check this out.  The light up effects only appear in a camera flash.  SO. COOL.

Now for some follow-ups!

Here is the full short film I may have showed you parts – “Sharks of the Blue Eternal”:

To London, a music producer I met, here are the two deepwater sounds I mentioned that you might find interesting to mix into your music.

First “The Bloop” (click this link if you want to learn more!)

And then “Slow Down” (click here to learn more):

And finally, if you want to donate directly to Fins Attached, click this link to go to their webpage (and don’t to tell them The Klute sent you!).

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