World Premiere Video – No Volcano, “Take My Chances”

A few months back I was asked to be part of a music video for the song “Take My Chances” by No Volcano, a Phoenix-area band.  Directed by Troy Farah, who had previously turned my poem “The Doom that Came to Manhattan” (a Trump campaign commercial/Lovecraft short story mashup) into a music video.  Since I had a lot of fun doing that, I said: “Why not?”. Here’s the finished product:

I think it turned out great.  I play two roles:  Dr. Strangelove (no relation) and the Dark Lord (no relation).  If you ever wanted to see Phoenix author, actor, playwright and general gadfly fight – this’ll probably be your only opportunity!

So many takes. I took my chances.
I asked for a stunt double. I was told no.

Glasses by Spider Jerusalem, tie by sharks, labcoat by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society.  Craft services I believe was by Papa John’s.

Off to get my SAG card.

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